Die Victoria Pruim boekies is geskryf deur Angela Rippon. Die Victoria Pruim reeks was oorspronklik in engels uitgegee as Victoria Plum.

Boeke van die Victoria Plum (Victorian plum) reeks wat in Afrikaans vertaal as die Victoria Pruim reeks, is sluit in:

  1. Victoria Pruim - Victoria gee ‘n vliegles
  2. Victoria Pruim - Victoria en die krimpvarkie
  3. Victoria Pruim - Victoria gaan visvang
  4. Victoria Pruim - Victoria se sneeuvlokkienet

Victoria_pruim  Victoria se sneeuvlokkienet 3 angela rippon kinderboeke

Binneblad met ‘n volkleur illustrasies van Die Victoria Pluim reeks



Victoria_pruim  Victoria se sneeuvlokkienet angela rippon kinderboeke     Victoria_pruim  Victoria se sneeuvlokkienet 2 angela rippon kinderboeke

Victoria Pruim : Victoria se sneeuvlokkienet
Geskryf deur Angela Rippon
In Afrikaans vertaal vanuit Engels : Victoria Plum reeks
Afrikaanse kinderboeke : Victoria pruim reeks

Victoria_pruim  Victoria gee n vliegles angela_rippon_afrikaanse_kinderboeke

Victoria Pruim : Victoria gee ‘n vliegles
Geskryf deur Angela Rippon
In Afrikaans vertaal vanuit Engels : Victoria Plum reeks
Afrikaanse kinderboeke : Victoria pruim reeks


Victoria Plum adventures books afrikaans Victoria Pluim  Victoria Plum and the little bird books afrikaans Victoria Pluim

Die reeks was in Engels geskryf en het van die volgende titels ingesluit:

Victoria_pruim  Victoria se sneeuvlokkienet 4 angela rippon kinderboeke


Victoria Plum and her Woodland Friends: . Victoria is a tree fairy without wings. She lives in the Great Wood with her school-friend, Ben, and various talking woodland animals.

Victoria Plum and her Woodland Friends, Mrs Rabbit invites Victoria to tea and serves her delicious carrot jam sandwiches. Victoria goes boating with the water rats on a hot summer day.  Mrs Spider weaves Victoria a spangly shawl and Mr Rabbit brings cabbage plants for Victoria’s garden. But woodland fairy life is not without its chores: Victoria looks after the baby hedgehogs when Mrs Hedgehog goes shopping.

Victoria Plum on Sports Day: Flora Fieldmouse is surprised when a chick jumps out of her egg, during the egg and spoon race. The woodland animals go head-to-head in a sack race and Victoria runs with the foxes in a relay race, while Ben runs in the three-legged race with Harry Hare. The -˜slow race- is won by a speedy snail, while the poor tortoise comes last. The worm and ladybird are also quite slow, judging by the picture. Victoria gives out the prizes and then she and Ben carry the sleepy young mice home.

Victoria Plum and the Magic Spell: Victoria and Ben are having magic lessons, which consist of making things disappear and reappear. All goes well until the teacher leaves and Ben decides to make Victoria’s grandfather clock disappear. Ben can’t bring it back. The magic teacher is very cross and tells Ben - never to use magic for fun. All ends well when Ben manages to get the clock back and they all have a lovely tea. Presumably with carrot jam sandwiches.

Victoria Plum and the sparkling web books afrikaans Victoria Pluim. +Victoria Plum and the unwelcome visitors books afrikaans Victoria Pluim

Victoria Plum doll dressing books afrikaans Victoria Pluim1 

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